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This wiki is a community supported repository of information about the Spark Generic Physical Multiagent Simulator (SimSpark). The SimSpark team does not take responsibility for the content nor accuracy of these pages.

Wiki Editors: In order to log in to edit pages, you have to create an account for this wiki. Read the Handbook for editing guidelines. Look in the community portal for things to do.



  • Perceptors - How your agent senses itself and its environment
  • Effectors - How your agent changes itself and its environment
  • Agents - Software that drives the behavior of the robots
  • Models - The physical representation of your robot
  • Monitor - A way to see what's happening onscreen in 3D
  • Server - The core central software service
  • Simulation Update Loop - The process by which the simulation executes
  • Network Protocol - How distributed components communicate across the network

Hands On


Development plan and ideas list

A screen shot of the soccer simulation with 9 vs 9 Nao agents
The virtual Nao
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