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The SimSpark server hosts the simulation process that manages the simulation. It is responsible for advancing the simulation. The simulation state is constantly modified during the Simulation Update Loop.

Objects in the scene change their state, i.e. one ore more of their properties like position, speed or angular velocity changes due to several influences. They are under the control of a rigid body physical simulation, that resolves collisions, applies drag, gravity etc. Agents that take part in the simulation also modify objects with the help of their effectors.

Another responsibility of the server is to keep track of connected agent processes. Each simulation cycle the server collects and reports sensor information for each of the sensors of all connected agents. It further carries out received action sequences that an agent triggers using its available effectors.

The server can, depending upon its config, renders the simulation itself. It implements an internal monitor that omits the network overhead. Additionally, it supports streaming data to remote monitor processes which take responsibility for rendering the 3D scene.

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