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Recording Log Files

In simspark.rb, replace $recordLogfile = false with $recordLogfile = true, then run simspark in a terminal.

You will get a logfile named sparkmonitor.log where simspark is started.

TODO indicate how to modify the recording sample rate

Log File Playback

The Monitor is capable of playing back recorded log files without connecting to a server. It has controls to allow pausing, stepping frame-by-frame, and even playing backwards.

Log Files from Past Events

Year Event Location Files Mirrors simspark rcssserver3d
2013 RoboCup Eindhoven - Netherlands files [3]
2013 German Open Magdeburg - Germany files [3]
2012 RoboCup Mexico City - Mexico files [3]
2012 Iran Open Tehran - Iran files 0.2.2 (with patches) 0.6.5 (with patches)
2011 RoboCup Istanbul - Turkey files [3] 0.2.2 (with patches) 0.6.5 (with patches)
2011 German Open Magdeburg - Germany [3] 0.2.2 (with patches) 0.6.5 (with patches)
2010 RoboCup Singapore - Singapore files [1] [2] [3] 0.2.1 0.6.4
2009 RoboCup Graz - Austria files* [1] [3]*
2008 RoboCup Suzhou - China files [1] [3] 0.5.6
2007 RoboCup Atlanta - USA files

*Log files are converted to use the standard Nao models (The original 2009 log files refer to a different Nao model visualization which is not contained in the monitor)

If you know of other archives, please extend this table.

Mirror Host Description Server Location
[1] Marten van de Sanden Official log file host for RoboCup 2008, 2009 and 2010. United States
[2] Apollo Robotics Innovation Lab China
[3] Stefan Glaser Germany
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